Tomato sauce bottling: the process and the machinery

The bottling of tomato sauce is a crucial process in the food industry and plays a fundamental role in preserving the freshness and flavour of the tomatoes. The bottling process allows for the creation of long-lasting products that can be easily distributed and used by consumers. The correct conservation and use of specialized machines are fundamental in order to maintain the quality of the product and extend its shelf life.

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Tomato sauce bottling steps

The bottling process of tomato sauce usually includes several key steps:

1. Preparation: tomatoes are washed, peeled and crushed for the desired consistency

2. Sterilisation: the tomato sauce undergoes a thermal treatment to get rid of all unwanted bacteria and other microorganisms.

3. Filling: the sterilised tomato sauce is put inside the bottles using filler machines, either manual or automatic ones. These machines permit to check with precision the quantity of sauce poured in each bottle

4. Sealing/capping: after the filling, the bottles are sealed with hermetic caps in order to avoid contamination and keep the tomato sauce freshness.

5. Labelling and packaging: bottles are labelled with essential information such as the brand, the ingredients and the expiration date.

Tomato sauce bottling machinery

Using specialised machineries to bottle tomato sauce is crucial to guarantee an efficient and accurate process. Some of the most commonly used machines include:

1. Pressure machines: these machines are used to chop and crush the tomatoes so to obtain the desired sauce consistency.

2. Sterilisation machines: these machineries apply thermal treatments to the tomato sauce to exterminate any bacteria and extend its shelf life.

3. Bottling/filling machines: these machines permit to fill the bottles with tomato sauce in a fast and precise way. They use electronic or mechanic dosing systems to check the quantity of sauce poured into each bottle, guaranteeing a unified distribution and minimising filling errors.

4. Automatic sealers: these machines apply hermetic caps on the tomato sauce bottles 5. Labellers and packagers: these machines apply the label the tomato sauce bottles and contain valuable information for consumers.

    Tomato sauce bottling demands a precise and reliable process to guarantee the quality of the final product. Investing in an efficient and technologically advanced bottling system can improve productivity, reduce waste and guarantee customer satisfaction.