Oil bath filter

Easy to fit, thanks to a quick release, this filter protects the machine’s pump from dust and vapours that could damage it.


Replacement nozzles

As our machines are entirely designed and assembled in Italy, we have every spare part available. Standard and Mignon nozzles are easily interchangeable.
The machines, once received, can be transformed to suit the customer’s needs.

Rubber Pads

Rubber Pads

The machines can be combined with a large selection of rubber pads.

If the standard rubber cone, which covers diameters from 16mm to 34mm, is not enough, the following are available:

  • The tomato rubber cone, for wide-neck bottles, from 30mm to 65mm diameters.
  • The extra-large rubber cone, perfect for filling jars up to 95mm with brine, oil, or spirits.