Three-cartridge filter holder

This three-cartridge filter is perfect for those who need to filter their product before bottling.
the wide range of combinable filter cartridges allows you to cover all liquids, from the finest spirits to EVO oil, beer, wine and more.

Oil bath filter

Easy to fit, thanks to a quick release, this filter protects the machine’s pump from dust and vapours that could damage it.


Replacement nozzles


As our machines are entirely designed and assembled in Italy, we have every spare part available. Standard and Mignon nozzles are easily interchangeable.
The machines, once received, can be transformed to suit the customer’s needs. 

Filtering cartridges


They are available with various degrees of filtration to meet all your needs.
5 and 10 microns for those in Polypropylene.
5, 10 and 50 microns for AISI316 Steel cartridges.