About Us

I.L. Industria di Leivi is part of the ULTRAFLEX group: 87 years of experience in the production and distribution of top quality and innovative products, including companies that design, manufacture and distribute components and accessories for the marine, industrial, construction and alternative energy sectors.

 I.L. Industria di Leivi has been active in the industrial sector since 1979. It produces cables and conduits for flexible mechanical remote control systems, mechanical remote controls and mechanical control levers.

 There are many applications in which our products are used, mainly in control systems for hydraulic distributors, power take-offs, variable displacement pumps, automotive gearboxes, mechanical inverters and valves in general.

 The use of advanced technologies and experienced, qualified personnel form the basis of these renowned products and make I.L. Industria di Leivi one of the most authoritative companies in the sector worldwide.

 Continuous attention to quality and environmental issues has resulted in I.L. Industria di Leivi obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification of its systems and work procedures.

 The predilection for mechanics, the company’s know-how matured over decades of activity and the desire to explore new markets allowed I.L. Industria di Leivi, at the end of 2018, to establish the new brand IL-TEC dedicated to the filling world.

 Careful planning. knowledge of the various processes and a large fleet of qualified suppliers led IL-TEC to successfully exhibit its first ULTRAFILLER at SIMEI 2019: a four-beak semi-automatic vacuum bottling machine capable of filling up to 600 bottles per hour ( 75 cl. ) .

 Special attention has been paid to the craft beer and nano brewery sector by introducing the ULTRABEER, a semi-automatic machine capable of bottling beer after the first fermentation, performing bottle priming and corking.