The vacuum filler is made entirely of stainless steel, has a PYREX tank and four highly efficient and precise stainless steel filling nozzles.
When the bottle is placed under the ULTRAFILLER 4 filler, the fluid is sucked in by the vacuum created inside, without any contact between the liquid and the pumps or mechanical components.




Ultrafiller mista is a semi-automatic bottler perfect for oil and spirits. It’s built entirely of stainless steel and is equipped with a PYREX glass tank.

Combining 2 standard nozzles + 2 mignon nozzles is the best compromise for those who bottle small batches with a great variety of bottle shapes and sizes.

Like the other ILTEC machines, it is produced in two versions, electrically powered or pneumatically powered.

The electric version stands out for its simplicity of operation.

The second, however, is the most powerful. It is perfect for more viscous liquids such as oil and liqueur cream.

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